March 2024 Voting Result

By Hennojin - Mar 25, 24

Participate in the monthly votes by subscribing! The next voting list will be up around April 1st, 2024Read here for a more detailed explanation of the reward of the Voter-tier subscription. Numbers 1 and 7 each got two votes; Numbers 2, 8, and 10 each got one vote. The third project will be picked randomly via PickerWheel from the projects that got one vote. Here is the result~

1. [Toraisi666] Hina-chan China (Blue Archive)

7. (C103) [Akaneiro (Rimiki, Yakifugu)] Inazuma no Hitou (Genshin Impact)

8. [Hiraya Nobori] Akane-chan no Natsuyasumi wa Hajimatta Bakari (Natsu Loli Ism) [Digital]

Hoping to see more voters next month.

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