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[CG Translation] [Tsukiyogarasu (Masa)] Taima no Reikoku Vol. 07 (100/3300)

By - Dec 7, 23



Donate here (Please contact me if you’d like to use a nickname or stay anonymous):

*PayPal will take around 5% as a transaction fee.

05/12/2023: Crowdfunding was initiated by Anon84, starting at $100.

Progress: 100 / 3300 USD


[Tank Translation] [Rusty Soul, Alto Seneka] Curse Eater Juso Kuraishi [Digital] (343/770)

By - Aug 4, 20


Page 147~291

Donate here (Contact me if you’d like to make a donation):

25/08/2019: Crowdfunding initiated by ElecDrago by him commissioning Chapter 5.
22/09/2019: ElecDrago donated 28 USD
19/10/2019: SpearHawk donated 143 USD.
09/11/2019: BlueRaz donated 23.50 USD.
05/12/2019: ElecDrago donated 18.50 USD.
20/12/2019: BlueRaz donated 11 USD.
24/01/2020: ElecDrago donated 9 USD.
26/01/2020: ElecDrago donated 9 USD.
19/03/2020: ElecDrago donated 9 USD.

Chapter 1~2: Translated by SaHa.
Chapter 3~4: Translated by CoC.
Chapter 5: 92/92 USD (Commissioned by ElecDrago)
Chapter 6: 99/99 USD (Page 147~178) (Funded)
Chapter 7: 88/88 USD (Page 179~202) (Funded)
Chapter 8: 34/34 USD (Page 203~213) (Funded)
Extra Material: 30/457 USD (Page 214~291)


[CG Translation] [Spermagic (MAKI)] Succubus no Doinran Onee-san ni, Doutei mo Seieki mo Nanimokamo Shiboritorarechau Boku [210/350]

By - Aug 3, 20


Donate here (Contact me if you’d like to make a donation):

11/02/2019: Crowdfunding initiated by the Anon’s commissioning of episode:5.
02/03/2019: Sam donated 70 USD. Thus funding episode:1.
24/05/2019: SpearHawk donated 70 USD. Thus funding episode:2.

episode 1: 70 / 70 USD
episode 2: 70 / 70 USD
episode 3: 0 / 70 USD
episode 4: 0 / 70 USD
episode 5: 70 / 70 USD


[Crowdfunding (Tank Translation)] [Sawajiri Merou] Kinshin Chikan Hakusho (97/480)

By - Aug 2, 20


Donate here (Contact me if you’d like to make a donation)

09/07/2018: Crowdfunding project migrated from the old site. The project begins at 40 USD.
24/06/2022: Daniel donated 9 USD.
05/11/2023: Martin donated 48 USD.


About Crowdfunding

By - Jul 8, 18

Tanks and Anthologies (and other big projects) can be overwhelming to commission alone, and that’s why the community can help each other out with crowdfunding.

How to Start a Crowdfunding:

  1. Contact us to request a particular tankobon/series to be commissioned.
  2. Commission one or multiple chapters on your own. (The less popular the work is, the more chapters will have to be commissioned first)
  3. With that, the crowdfunding project is now open, and everyone is free to contribute towards its completion.


How to Donate to a Crowdfunding Project:

  1. Use the Paypal Donation button located in every Crowdfunding post.





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